Your new personal challenge

Shaped like a Christmas box

This intermediate-advanced level course gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your knowledge of a multitude of different techniques, all in a single course! 

You will learn to develop original ideas by opening your mind to new possibilities: you will interpret the proportions and the anatomy of the face that will be used to make any other character, you will even learn to use everyday elements to turn your design into something magical. This box has built-in-light! 

 If you love challenges and levelling up your own professional career, sign up for this course now and dare to create a unique design. You will find different videos where Michi C. Brink will guide you step by step to finish this fantastic Christmas box. In addition, graphic material is included to help you follow the course and make your design. 

This course is completely online and you can do it at your own pace and without schedules. You can use the products you already have (it doesn’t matter which brand) but if you need to complete your material you will have a 10% discount to spend on a purchase in the online store You will automatically receive the discount coupon in your email once you have completed the payment for the course.
This course includes a “Practice” section where you must send photos of your Christmas Box in order to obtain the diploma.

Watch Intro Video

Create your own Santa Claus

Presented to us by Michi C. Brink

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Prepare your material

    • 1.1 Product used in this course

  • 2

    2. Christmas Box

    • 2.1 Introduction

    • 2.2 Idea development

    • 2.3 Didactic support

    • 2.4 Santa Claus and background

    • 2.5 Lamp creation and assembly

    • 2.6 Decoration and finishing touches

  • 3

    3. Student practices

    • 3.1 Send your work

Meet your instructor Michi C. Brink

CEO of Fantasy Nails

Executive Director of Education

Michi C. Brink

Michi is the co-founder and the Executive Director of Fantasy Nails Education. With a professional career of over 20 yeas, Michi founded Fantasy Nails in 2007 with the illusion of creating a nail product brand at the forefront and with the aim of creating a team of professionals and educators at an international level.

With a great theoretical and technical knowledge, during her career she has stood out equally for her work in nail sculpting in both salon and in design, and for her artistic creations. Creator of her famous Butterfly structure, her creativity and continuous evolution continue making her a current reference in the nail industry.

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